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Corporate & Personal Feng Shui

The Three-cosmic trinity deals with Heaven, Man and Earth. For it is a fact that a man's birth location is an influence from his Heaven's Luck. Some might have attributed this in relation with the Karmic relationship due to their previous births. It is quite easy to understand that a person with a set of good birth data i.e BaZi will be born in a good Feng Shui location, hence the theory of affinity and synchronicity.  
The Heaven Luck ultimately determines the outcome of this very life, whether smooth sailing or a challenging one. It is the Man's Luck (man's diligent efforts & decisions and Earth Luck ( Location of your environment ) which allows a person to manipulate and work towards the desired outcome. 

What is a Feng Shui Audit ?
In a Feng Shui audit, both the assessment of the external and internal environment of the property are equally important. Depending on the nature and condition of the property, San He principles will be used for the assessment of potentials of the external environment, particularly for those who are building a new house or selecting a piece of land or major projects such as town planning or development of properties.
External Environment Assessment will determine whether the property is located on an auspicious land where good Qi can be harnessed; this will include the observation of:
-         Layout of the property
-         Missing sectors of the property
-         Location of the main door and other doors i.e rooms
-         Location of beams and pillars
-         Internal pathways and corridors
-         Location of Qi collection
-         Location of the auspicious and inauspicious sectors
-         Potential location for Qi enhancement or activation
Benefits From A Feng Shui Audit
Clients are advised to have a specific goal of objectives, so that the consultant can analyse whether the contained space or property has what it takes to realize these objectives.
Ideally, a potential property that is good for both wealth and people relationships. And naturally this is also what most clients are looking for. Through an audit, we are able to analyse the following:
-         Wealth potential
-         Health conditions of the occupants
-         Condition of relationships
-         Potential threats to the well being of the individual
-         Long term and short term potential of the property
-         Prosperous timing for both wealth and relationship
-         Challenging or obstacles in career, wealth and relationships
-         Potential legal or contract issues
-         Ideal timing for renovation and alteration of the property
Remember, having your property audited is as good as having a health screen test. The audit results allow a person to be well informed ahead of time. As the saying goes “Doing the Right Thing at the Right Time at the Right Place” brings success to all endeavors.

Types of Audit
    1. Residential property
    2. Commercial property
    3. Land selection
    4. House selection
    5. Commercial property selection
    6. Building a new property
    7. Estate or Town Planning
    8. Property Development
  1. To scale floor plan, site plan and layout plan of the property
  2. Date and Time of Birth of the occupants, owners or key personnel
  3. Address of the property
  4. Contact details  
Feng Shui Audit Report
A summary report with a proposed layout plan will be prepared for your orientation and knowledge about the condition of the property. This will include the highlight of potentials and risk factors. Remedies or enhancements will also be recommended according to the needs. Depending on the size of the project, it takes 7 to 10 days for a residential property and longer duration on projects of a bigger size or complex nature.

Ready To Make An Appointment
To make an appointment to consult our consultant for a Feng Shui audit, you may either call our office at 65-62233938 or send us an email at inquiry@senses-asia.com and we will arrange an appointment for you.

Consultation fee is payable on the day of the audit. Payment can be made in either cash or cheque. All cheques should be payable to: “Senses-The Art Of Living Pte Ltd”
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