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What is BaZi ?
BaZi (Eight Characters), or Four Pillars is a traditional Chinese astrology used for the analyzing of a person’s destiny.
BaZi translates our birth data - Year, Month, Day and Hour of birth into four pairs of distinct Chinese Characters (called Jia Zi). Four pairs make Eight Characters (or BaZi). Each pair is also known as a pillar, hence the term Four Pillars.   

In the beginning, the Year Branch was used to represent the person, which is the animal sign of the person. Describing the character of the person according to the behavior of the animal. This is the primitive level of Chinese Astrology.  

In the Song Dynasty (960-1279 AD), Xu Zi Ping made a revolutionary improvement on this method of reading lives. He used the Day Stem to represent the person.
Zi Ping Four Pillars classic, uses the following rules for observation and analysis:
1. The Year Pillar changes at precisely the moment of the "Beginning of Spring" which could range from either 3, 4 5, or 6 of February. Usually it falls on the 4 of February. This date will mark in the beginning of a new year with the arrival of spring. The precise moment must be noted.

2. The Month Pillar changes at precisely the moment of the respective "Jie" of the month, also known as the season marker.

3. The Day Pillar changes at midnight.

4. Local standard time is to be used. The eight characters are made up of the yin and yang variations of the Five Elements. The first set of words is the set of the "Ten Heavenly Stems". They are the yin and yang components of the Five Elements: Yang Wood, Yin Wood; Yang Fire, Yin Fire; Yang Earth, Yin Earth; Yang Metal, Yin Metal; Yang Water, Yin Water.

The second set of words is the set of the "Twelve Earthly Branches". They are more popularly represented by the twelve animals of the Zodiac: Zi (Rat), Chou (Ox), Yin (Tiger), Mao (Rabbit), Chen (Dragon), Si (Snake), Wu (Horse), Wei (Goat), Shen (Monkey), You (Rooster), Xu (Dog), Hai (Pig).

By analyzing the structure, compatibility, clashes, combinations and inter-relations of these eight characters, we can probe into greater detail about our nature and our life path. An individual can make use of this information to accelerate performance at work, strengthen relationships with others, overcome weaknesses, maximize talents and potentials, and make informed decisions based on forecasts of his or her upcoming cycle of luck.
The BaZi analysis is a very practical and accurate method to analyze one's life. It's positive aspect deals with how one can live to attain the best of life and keeping your life under control.

Start using BaZi to improve the areas of:
- Career Development
- Happier Marriage Life
- Chances of Child Birth
- Ideal Partners in Business
- Prosperity in Wealth and Health
- Development of Child’s Potential & Psychology
Areas of Advice
- Personal destiny readings including luck periods
- Relationship and romance
- Suitability for travel, moving or relocating
- Career potential or changing career
- Compatibility of partner & partnerships in business
- Decisions such as expansion, relocating, investments, and commercial launches
- Guidance on optimum dates for renovations, moving house, starting a business, marriage and other major milestones
- Date and Time of Birth
- Gender
- Notify us if you are born twins
BaZi Report
A one-hour consultation includes a summary report that allows you to understand your personalities and characteristics from the description of the elements of your BaZi. 
Ready to Make an Appointment
To make an appointment to consult our consultant for a BaZi reading, you may either call our office at 65-62233938 or send us an email at inquiry@senses-asia.com and we will arrange an appointment for you.
Consultation fee is payable on the day of the consult. Payment can be made in either cash or cheque. All cheques should be payable to: “Senses-The Art Of Living Pte Ltd” 
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