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Broken relationships and difficulties in developing friendships can be deciphered from the use of BaZi. Most of the time, the unhappy person pushes the blames on all the external factors surrounding them or point fingers at the other party.

Only when we learn to stop for a moment and start looking inwardly can we see that if our own wants and needs are so complex and ever changing, how can we expect others to remain the same all the time.



Another aspect that is often overlooked is the acceptance that everyone has a unique set of qualities. Through the analysis of one’s birth data, it allows one to have a better understanding on the genetic make-up of a person and the changes in a person’s behaviour and thinking format.

It is only when one understands his/her own positive and negative traits, actual needs, wants, cyclical timing that is influencing their mind set and behaviour will there be a happy relationship. One can
learn to avoid or make effort to improve their habits and behaviours through finding out the favourable and unfavourable elements in their BaZi chart.


Social Relationships and Networking 

Not everyone has the capability in handling social relationships whether it’s at home with family members, among the circle of friends or at work with colleagues and business relations. The strengths and weakness lies in the expressive talents, balances of Yin and Yang, types of elements that dominate the BaZi chart of the individual and the total make up of the BaZi structure.

It's possible that a person can have a BaZi chart that is too cold, depriving one from being passionate and warm. If there are lonely stars that reside in the BaZi chart, that will definitely produce a hermit!

It is not impossible to bring solutions to a chart that has difficulty in social relations, as long as the party can understand their weakness and learn to cultivate the elements that are weak to improve the Qi of the person.

This will result in making the person more sociable and attractive to others. There is a saying that if the heaven’s luck does not coffer a person with these capabilities, man’s effort can help improve the situation

Through the understanding of Feng Shui, environmental influence can also be an influencing factor. Through tapping into chi that can enhance one’s confidence or passion, one can improve their ability in social relations with others.
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