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Health With The 5 Elements

Know Your Body
The elements are closely related to the human body if you look closer at their relationship.

Most of the time when a person falls sick, a Chinese physician will observe the appearance of the patient as part of his diagnosis. The observation will also
allow him to determine which of the 5 elements that are affected besides the Yin and Yang balance of the person.
The 5 elements which are also the basis of the 10 heavenly stems each representing various parts of the human body:
Wood : Hair, nails, head, neck and liver
Fire : Heart, eyes and temperature
Water : Blood, kidney, urinary bladder
Earth : Skin, muscles, spleen, intestine or abdomen region
Metal : Lungs, respiratory system
The above are some examples of how the human body is associated with the 5 elements.

An excess, lack or weakening of any of the above elements can contribute to the vulnerability of this area.

A BaZi consultation using a person’s birth data will reveal the stability of these 5 elements and its condition. There are cases where a person is born weak in a certain aspect of their health.

For example, a person born to be a Fire Day Master is weak and the wood elements that is needed to grow the fire is absent, besides surrounding with water element pose a threat to the heart and or eyes. In such a case, only when a person goes through fire or wood luck cycle would his/her health condition be better as the elements in the luck cycle would strengthen the person.

If a person knew of this diagnosis right from the beginning, it would
have allowed the person to be informed and take necessary action to strengthen and heal the condition. Through the analysis of the Feng Shui, we are also able to detect the elements that cause health threats.

Hence, with appropriate usage of the chi within the environment, it can also bring healing benefits to an ailing person.      

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