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Romance & Marriage

Two persons are attracted to each other when they have the elements that they both need in their BaZi chart.

Sometimes, it’s the current luck cycle that contains the elements that brings the attraction and when the elements change in another luck cycle, it may result in the change of feelings especially when the elements become unfavourable to one or both parties.

That’s when a couple may break up or loose feelings towards each other.




Imagine people as a flux of energies and frequencies. When these frequencies match, it brings harmony. But when it deviates, it no longer holds the bond. It’s interesting to know that marriages are in fact made in heaven whether it’s going to be a happy or a miserable one.

Through a BaZi analysis, we can see how two persons’ path cross and the personal events in each others’ chart. Some couples remain together for as long as destiny and fate holds them together while some have expired along the way.

The compatibility test or matching the BaZi before a marriage was a common practice in the olden days.
When a person’s chart compliments another, it does not necessarily bring chemistry and romantic feelings. They could probably compliment each other in terms of background or habits and remain in a harmonious relationship till ripe old age.

On the other hand, there are also couples that are constantly in conflict and differences but still remain madly in love with each other. All of these lie in the connectivity of the elements found in the basic BaZi structures and their luck cycle influences.
Most people are influenced or pressured by the fact that when a person reaches a marriageable age, they should settle down and have a family. This has become a social norm, which leaves tremendous pressure to those who are still single.

A BaZi chart can reveal whether a person has missed the suitable timing to find romance and marriage or perhaps the right timing is very much in the later part of one’s life. Or in some cases, if its better to remain single as not everyone is suited to be married.
The environmental influence through deploying Feng Shui techniques can help in bringing romance into one’s life or maintaining a loving, married life. This lies in the structure of the landform, stove position and bed location of the individuals within the residential property.
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