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Most heinous crimes have something in common: money. In a world where the cost of living constantly increases, many ignore their passion and instead look for a job that pays better. The modern individual is caught up in a perpetual cycle of earning money and channeling it into luxury items.  But does this really constitute happiness and satisfaction?  If it is then why are developed countries seeing a higher amount of mental illness cases?
Life's Short. Don't Make Work Your Religion
I often hear of the phrase “ Money isn't everything, but without money you are nothing”. Superficial as it sounds, many have adopted this phrase as a fact. But catch phrases like these are for entertainment.

In life, there is your family and loved ones around you. Happiness, satisfaction and security are the most important things in life and they can never be bought.
Make Work Fun, Not Painful
If your work gives you constant stress and eats into your personal time then you have enslaved yourself into the hands of a life void of a meaningful existence. Instead, do something you don't find difficulty in doing yet at the same time gaining experiences that make life so much more enjoyable.

Money Can Be Earned, Families Can't
Buried under the stress of work, many forsake their families and grow distances between each other. The role of being a parent have been changing ever since the first civilization and it seems that today, parents spend less time with their children as compared to the past. Jobs are always available but your family, once torn apart and broken, may never be as warm and loving again.
Knowing How to Balance Work & Family Matters
It’s understandable how dedication to work in order to feed the family may result in distancing from the family. But how exactly do you know when to attend to your family and when to put your heart into your work? BaZi can help. It reveals your character and the type of job you are suited for. This prevents you from bringing the stress from work into the home.
Bazi and Career Decisions
By understanding your BaZi, knowing the career paths to take in order to excel is easy. Not only will you find work less stressful, the situation and the workplace can improve.  Also, BaZi can reveal the periods that are best for you to switch jobs or to keep a low profile in the company to avoid conflicts.

Locations Can Enhance Your Career & Financial Status
Feng Shui can guide you in knowing where are the areas you should utilize in order to improve your financial standing as well as to make the home conducive to carry out your work and to create and environment that energizes you to be ready for the workload. The location and structure of your home can also influence the flow of finances and by knowing the locations to choose your home, you can avoid depleting your wealth.
Ultimately, money is important. BUT it isn't everything. Knowing how to live comfortably and juggle other important areas of your life is crucial in attaining a wholesome life.  
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