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Developing Your Child with Feng Shui & BaZi

The Answer is in Knowing, Understanding and Observing Your Child


In a modern society where parents worry about the future of their child, stress on the children is inevitable but how much is too much. And

All of us were made differently and therefore can take different amounts of stress. Even the most identical of twins can have different characters. If your child is not an A student, no amount of tuition or scolding will help him/her. Understand that he/she may have other abilities that surpass others. 

Common Sense is the Best Judge

The extremes are always bad. If your child can play the piano, there are probably many more out there who will be better than him/her. Thus it’s not realistic to just hone your child's musical talents. Most of the time, your child’s talent will lie within a subject where he/she gains compliments or has no difficulty in.


Put Your Child’s Character Down on Paper

It seems like an impossible task but it can be done with BaZi. By using your child’s birth data, a BaZi chart depicting his past, present and future can be constructed to allow an insight into his/her life. By revealing his characteristics as well as ideal paths of actions, you can make informed decisions to help you child’s maximize his/her potential.

BaZi is the Diagnosis, Feng Shui is the Cure

After picking out your child’s characteristics, Feng Shui can be deployed to enhance or reduce the negative traits. Feng Shui can also be used to help make the home environment conducive for your child in terms of study or relaxation.

Guide, Don’t Strangulate

Most importantly, BaZi and Feng Shui not only helps you to understand your child but also to remind you not to turn your child into a puppet instead of someone who is on a journey where he or she needs to explore life with your guidance, NOT control. 


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