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Corporate & Career Success

There is a famous Chinese saying that “ A woman is afraid of marrying the wrong man while a man is afraid of entering the wrong trade “. Some are fortunate enough to have the freedom to explore their career paths at a very young age. Hence, realizing their dream was only a matter of time. However, most have chosen the path that was laid for them through their education, peer pressure and the expectations of their parents. 
Through the analysis of one’s BaZi chart, we can identify the suitable career path that will bring satisfaction and success to one’s life. The chart also reveals the pattern of the luck cycle influence over one’s career life. One can find out whether they will get a promotion, an increase in income or financial returns, a change in career choice or even a suitable diversification of business plan. The wealth elements in the BaZi chart also reveal a person’s habit or views towards wealth management and financial risks.

Are You In The Right Industry ?
The industries can be classified by the 5 elements. Below are the types of industries according to the 5 elements:
A person may be attracted to an industry because of varied reasons from the BaZi point of view. Some choose the industry of which represent the element that they needed most in the own BaZi chart.
While others choose the industry due to a domination of the element in the chart, which may not necessarily bring success or happiness to the person. Some choose the industry that will bring good financial rewards but little job satisfaction. Hence, it is important that one makes effort in reviewing what lies in the blueprint of their BaZi chart in order to make the best of their talents and capability whilst enjoying the rewards.
Are You the Right Worker for the Job ?
It is common that most workers pick a job that does not compliment their personalities or skills. The BaZi chart reveals the capability of the worker and the suitable job functions. The 5 elements and its 10 heavenly stems in the BaZi will give details of these natures.

Wood is generally known for management, leadership and training skills while fire is known for mannerism which makes it ideal for the hospitality trade, sales & marketing, public relations or jobs that requires one to serve.
Metal is good for decision-making, principles and those who like the strict discipline or following law and orders. Earth is about trust & honesty and hence good for those who are involved in jobs where your integrity or reliability plays an important part. Water represents thinking and movement and is therefore more suited for those who can’t be desk bound and preferably a job that requires analytical or creative thinking and communication. The above are some brief description of the job functions using the 5 elements. The analysis is more complex and vast as some are more capable of multi-disciplines.
Are You an Entrepreneur ?

Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur? The idea of becoming a “Boss” has often been an attraction for those who have not become one. As the saying goes: The grass on the other side is always greener. A BaZi chart can reveal whether one has the tolerance for business risk and entrepreneur skills or if this is someone who is reserved and conservative in this area.
The expressive talents, wealth elements and discipline elements will show the characteristic of one’s attitude towards business acumens and willingness to take risks. Supposing a person has what it takes to be a success business entrepreneur, timing is the next crucial factor.

The luck cycles will reveal whether the timing is suitable for the ventures or diversifications or maybe one should lie low to avoid losses.
Not everyone is suitable to become a boss or an entrepreneur. Some are better off working for others and will still enjoy better privileges as compared to many who are “struggling” to keep the business alive.
Factors that Govern Business Success
The components of a successful business do not just lie in a great business plan. A person may be gifted with creative business ideas may lack the support of a good team of workers or business partners; the ideal time of launching the business, the wrong location or poor environment are factors that will drain resources and eventually lead to business failure.
The other most important factor, which has always been neglected, is the commencement date of the business. Choosing an auspicious date to register a company and commencement of business should be the first step taken into consideration. Imagine a company’s date and time of birth when being translated using BaZi analysis, will reveal the health condition and destiny of the company’s success. 
High staff turnover rate has always been the biggest drain of financial resources. The selection of suitable candidates to form a competent team requires not only qualified and experienced personnel but also knowing whether the person will work with you or against you. The BaZi chart of the suitable candidate can reveal his personalities and the current luck cycle that is influencing his thinking and attitude.

This information is valuable, particularly if the job requires a person to perform specialized duties or is a key position in an organization.
The right synergy will bring about a cohesive team that can drive the corporate success. Having the right team will earn the company an asset. Being aware and taking control of the environmental factors will help to reduce the impact of major risks and bring stability to the business.

Through the use of Feng Shui techniques to harness good Qi to the work environment, the company can maximize the usage of auspicious sectors for high productivity and profitability. Other intangible benefits include better networking relationships, loyalty, good health and stability.
For a successful business enterprise, a clever business entrepreneur should not neglect the importance of such an auditing process. This is the lesson of being at the Right Place, at the Right Time and with the Right People. 
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