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Beauty Through The 5 Elements

The relationship between a healthy body and beauty or looking beautiful should be closely examined. The balancing of the 5 elements is important for healthy skin, hair and nails.

The earth element is responsible for healthy cells and skin, while metal is responsible for decongestion or sensitivity of the skin. Wood is often associated to the condition of the hair and nails while water is responsible for the hydration of the skin. Finally, fire gives good circulation to the skin for a healthy glow. And of course, the Yin and Yang balance of these elements are equally important to ensure stability of the skin condition. Through a BaZi analysis, we can then find out which of these elements are lacking or weakened in order to advise the person on the course of action to take for a set of healthy skin, hair and nails. 

Color Enhancement

Knowing your favourable elements is important in order identify how these elements can be used to your advantage in the various aspects of your life. Most of us are usually subconsciously attracted to the colors that we need most and hence you will find yourself liking only certain colors. In instances where a person is dominated by certain element in their BaZi chart, he/she would also be drawn to colours, which are not favourable to them.
Understanding what each color represent in your life is important so that you can manipulate the information and dress for success in the various aspects of your life such as: career, romance, wealth prospects, social relationships etc.

For example: A person
who is a Water person according to his BaZi chart will associate the following elements in terms of colors for dressing and enhancement of appearance with ornaments or accessories.

Metal is the resource, mentor & sprituality elements. To strengthen these aspects, wear more of white, silver or gold.
Fire is the wealth, material and responsibilities elements. To strengthen these aspects, wear more pink, red, orange and purple.
Earth is the element that represent nobility, discipline & romance for a lady. To strengthen these aspects, wear more yellow, beige and brown. 
Water is the self confidence and friends element. To strengthen this aspects, wear more blue and black colors.
Wood is the creative talent and expressive elements. To strengthen these aspects, wear more green

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